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High performance multicopter based LiDAR mapping system to University of Helsinki

University of Helsinki has purchased a multicopter based LiDAR mapping system from MosaicMIll Ltd. The system will be used in wide range of research projects, where flying time endurance and multiple sensor payloads are being required.

The imaging platform is Camflight FX8, which is a heavy lifter UAS. The primary mapping payload is Phoenix LiDAR Systems laser mapping system with a 42MP camera. A hyperspectral sensor AISA Kestrel 10 from SPECIM Ltd will also being integrated with Camflight.The RPAS will be delivered in March 2017 and it will be in operational service in summer.

“University of Helsinki has been using drones for data acquisition in research projects already a while. As a result, our needs and requirements for an in-house aerial mapping system has been growing. We saw that Camflight with Phoenix LiDAR Systems scanner is capable to produce actual results, we decided to launch a purchase project”, says doctoral student Henri Riihimäki from Department of Geosciences and Geography. “We are confident that a high performance RPAS with top of the range sensor payloads will open totally new opportunities in our research programs. Especially the mapping of forest and shrub vegetation structure, and their effect on species diversity is a hot research trend”, states Riihimäki. “This purchase will complement the close range remote sensing infrastructure of the Department of Geosciences and Geography, already consisting of thermal camera and hyperspectral sensor and several smaller drones.”

”MosaicMill has recognized the growing trend of multisensory imaging and data fusion. It’s a way to go beyond traditional UAS mapping the goal being able to provide business critical data to our customers”, says Ismo Hippi, CEO of MosaicMill. “Co-operation with the University of Helsinki is a major step for us and strengthens our leading position in the field of new generation high end mapping systems.”

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