Oil palm and forest plantation mapping

game counting with thermal camera
TV index from hyperspectral narrow bands. TVi is used in oil palm health monitoring.
Moose counting with Thermal camera
Part of 200 image hyperspectral mosaic, 529, 617 and 833 nm bands selected

MosaicMill Ltd. from Finland arranges one-day training workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia, for utilizing UAV hyperspectral imagery for plantations survey. The workshop consists of background presentations of hyperspectral camera technology and its applications, and hands-on training for hyperspectral data processing for tree detection, canopy modeling and vegetation health analysis.

MosaicMill has released ground breaking software and methods for processing hyperspectral images captured with UAVs. Hyperspectral imagery can be processed rapidly into georeferenced orthomosaics with EnsoMOSAIC Fusion software. This data can be further processed automatically to locate each palm/tree and measure their heights. In case of pest or disease problems hyperspectral data enables situation analysis and corrective actions.

OIL PALM AND FOREST PLANTATION MAPPING training event will take place at Century Park Hotel, Senayan, Jakarta on November 29th, 10 am - 5 pm with the following contents:

Hyperspectral imaging - introduction and theory Image processing Applications - examples SOFTWARE TRAINING - on the job

Cost of the training day is EUR 250 / participant including lunch and coffee. Registration is now open, please e-mail to sales (at) mosaicmill.com.

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