EnsoMOSAIC for agriculture

NDVI map of crop, UAS survey
NDVI map, modified Sony a6000
Reflactance targets for image calibration
2, 23, 44 % reflectance targets
fertilization| prescription map, UAS survey
Prescription map by EnsoMOSAIC Agri

Cameras for agriculture

MosaicMill provides NDVI- and hyperspectral cameras for agriculture mapping:

Reflectance targets

MosaicMill provides 2 %, 10 %, 23 %, 44 % and 75 % reflectace targets, each 50 cm * 50 cm. Other target sizes can be supplied upon request. Targets are manufactured of materials with near lambertian reflectance properties and calibrated in laboratory.

EnsoMOSAIC Agri software tools

EnsoMOSAIC Agri tools is used to create: EnsoMOSAIC Agri applies 2 - 5 reflectance targets to correct non-linearity of modified NDVI cameras. Vegetation indice (NDVI) calculated of reflectance images are comparable over times and locations. EnsoMOSAIC Agri also creates prescription maps in vector format compatible with most tractor systems. Prescription maps enable efficient spreading of fertilizers and pestisides in order to increase crop yield and decrease management costs.

More information about EnsoMOSAIC Agri tools is available here: EnsoMOSAIC Agri brochure.