EnsoMOSAIC for forestry and plantations

multispectral point cloud
Multispectral point cloud, Rikola HS camera
Simosol valuation and harvesting report

Harvest and valuation report
vegetation index for plantation
Narrow band vegetation index, oil palm plantation
wood chip pile 3D
Volumetric calculation of wood chip pile

Complete UAS mapping and planning system

MosaicMill offers full chain of mapping and inventory tools for both natural forest and plantation management, with our partner Simosol Ltd. This set of tools and services consists of: We can carry out pilot projects and test alternative technologies together with your organization. The following results, as example, can be processed:


MosaicMill provides Colour Infra Red and Hyperspectral cameras for forestry mapping:

Volumetric wood yard inventories

EnsoMOSAIC tools allow accurate, timely and safe wood chip and round wood pile volumetric surveys.

Carry out imaging with a UAV and rectify the images with EnsoMOSAIC. And create high density XYZ point cloud and digital surface model to calculate target volume.