EnsoMOSAIC aerial mapping system - components

navigation and camera control software
Pilot operates the system and navigates with intuitive software
camera pod
Camera pod attached to the wing strut
aircraft pod for two cameras
Camera pod can take two sensors, here without the cover
GNSS  | IMU | camera control
GNSS, power supply and camera control hardware are assembled into a portable case

Flight planning

EnsoMOSAIC tools for flight planning consist of a spread sheet for numerical planning and a set of tools for Quantum GIS or ArcGIS 10.x for graphical flight planning of manned surveys. The spread sheet is used for comparing flight alternatives and the ESRI / QGIS tools for creating the flight lines. Additionally, EnsoMOSAIC flight planning contains tools for map indexing, e.g. dividing large orthomosaics into manageable tiles.


One or several cameras can be connected to EnsoMOSAIC system, e.g. these sensors:

Camera pod

EnsoMOSAIC pod holds either two cameras or one camera and an optional sensor. Mounts to either left wing or right wing or both. The cameras can look vertically down or oblique sideways, forward or backward. Camera pod can be delivered also separately. Camera pod is presented in this one-page leaflet: Camera Pod for medium size cameras

EnsoMOSAIC flight control: GNSS, IMU and camera control

EnsoMOSAIC flight electronics are core part of EnsoMOSAIC survey system. Accuracy of the system output is defined by selection of GNSS and IMU. Typical installation with Novatel GNSS with Terrastar correction + Vectornav IMU has positional accuracy of 10 cm without Ground Control.

EnsoMOSAIC flight management and camera control electronics are available in three different versions: More information about flight control system in EnsoMOSAIC flight electronics

A system operator can choose a combination of tools that best suits his application from the following list (link):

List of EnsoMOSAIC survey system components.