EnsoMOSAIC 3D photogrammetric software for UAV | UAS | RPAS

EnsoMOSAIC Fusion image processing software

MosaicMill offers all new EnsoMOSAIC Fusion, powerful software for orthomosaicking with ground breaking quality. EnsoMOSAIC Fusion is a full photogrammetric suite for processing images from unmanned and manned platforms. All cameras are supported from entry level UAV cameras to large format aerial cameras, thermal cameras and hyperspectral sensors - including multi-camera setups and camera combinations.

The main functionality includes:

As input EnsoMOSAIC Fusion requires: Image orientation (Roll-Pitch-Yaw or Omega-Phi-Kappa) and ground control points can be read into the process from sensor logs or external files. These are not required but will increase accuracy and processing speed.

Aerial triangulation, block adjustment and point cloud generation require computing capacity for fast processing. EnsoMOSAIC Fusion utilizes distributed processing and optimizes use of all computer resources made available in local networks.

You can download a EnsoMOSAIC Fusion one-page leaflet or technical specifications containing EnsoMOSAIC detailed software functionality.