UAV forest inventory services

MosaicMill UAV survey result
MosaicMill tree inventory - location, height, diameter and species

wood chip pile 3D
Point cloud - generated by you or by MosaicMill
Tree map
Tree locations and heights
Trees of forest farm
15,000 trees located - overalyed with RGB mosaic
Valuation and harvesting report
Optional output - Harvest and valuation report


MosaicMill has developed tree-wise forest inventory method and will start providing processing services in May-June 2018. In this novel methodology we locate and measure each tree from UAV data, and no traditional field measurements are required. Especially suitable this new inventory method is for small and medium size forest properties. MosaicMill inventory method works in both managed natural forest and plantations. In case of natural unmanaged forest, please send us sample images to evaluate forest conditions. We process inventory results from your UAV camera data and results consist of:

Service levels

We work together with your organization in UAV forest inventory. You carry out UAV survey and we take care of ther rest. Or you can also carry out photogrammetric processing and we continue with tree interpretation. Service levels are presented in this table.
    LEVEL 1 - no species
    LEVEL 2
    LEVEL 3
    LEVEL 4
Results of MosaicMill service TREE LOCATIONS (X,Y,Z)
Level 1 +
Level 2 +
Level 3 +
Data requirements from you Point Cloud, 10 cm
RGB Orthomosaic
Point Cloud, 10 cm
RGB Orthomosaic
VNIR Orthomosaic
Sample trees
UAV survey images, 10 cm
Sample trees

Tree maps are delivered in ASCII (csv) and GIS (Esri shape) format. Thus they are immediately available for any further processing. MosaicMill with its partners is able to generate forest management plans with alternative scenarios for future wood and cash flows. Contact Mosaicmill for details.

Contact MosaicMill to get more information about the UAV survey requirements.

Send your data

You can be in touch with us and we will guide you on most efficient data transfer to our cloud service.