EnsoMOSAIC Agri - QGIS extension

NDVI map of crop
NDVI map, modified Sony a6000
Reflactance targets for calibration
2, 23, 44 % reflectance targets
fertilization| prescription map
Prescription map by EnsoMOSAIC Agri

EnsoMOSAIC Agri software tools are used to process aerial images and mosaics into maps needed in agriculture planning and operations. Software plugin is running together with free QGIS and is provided together with EnsoMOSAIC reflectance targets. Targets are placed to the survey field during flight. Aerial images captured with modified CIR camera or multispectral camera are processed into: All camera models are compatible, the only requirement is that images contain both RED and NIR bands.

True NDVI results are used to analyze vegetation health and fertilizer shortage. NDVI images generated with EnsoMOSAIC Agri are comparable between different times and locations. Farmers can also compare indices of different times in order to estimate and monitor crop development.

Prescription map is generalized and vectorized from NDVI map in order divide field area into manageable units for fertilization or pesticide treatment. Prescription maps are in format used by most tractor systems.

Detailed processing guide of NDVI map processing is presented in Youtube: Reflectances and NDVI map.
Create prescription map.

A4 overview of the tools: EnsoMOSAIC Agri