Espa 3D digital stereo workstation software

Espa 3D is a digital photogrammetric software for stereoscopic data acquisition from EnsoMOSAIC aerial images and for processing large XYZ point clouds collected e.g. with airborne LiDARs.

Espa 3D is used for digital stereoscopic 3D mapping of spatial objects like buildings, roads and terrain forms from digital aerial imagery. It classifies interactively geo-referenced point data, and by stereoscopic viewing checks and edits existing point data and measures new 3D points. Points are computed into elevation (DSM and DTM) models, which can be visualized as such or with image data. Volumetric inventories can be further processed from DSMs in Espa 3D.

Espa 3D automatically transfers 3D objects into the user's GIS database classifying the objects by the settings of the receiving system. The database connections are available for all major GIS products.

More information on Espa 3D is available here: Please contact MosaicMill for the futher details.