Rikola Hyperspectral camera

Rikola Hyperspectral camera in octocopter UAV
Rikola hyperspectral camera in a drone
Rikola Hyperspectral camera in fixed wing uav
Rikola hyperspectral camera in fixed wing UAV
Rikola Hyperspectral camera
Rikola hyperspectral camera
Vegetation index oil palm, hyperspectral
TVI narrow band vegetation index of oil palm

Rikola is the world's smallest and most lightweight hyperspectral camera for UAVs and manned operations. This innovative product provides frame images with up to 50 spectral bands on single exposure.

This novel sensor creates 2D spectral information in VIS-VNIR spectral range (adjustable between 400 - 950 nm) and enables mosaicking with photogrammetric software EnsoMOSAIC Fusion. Rikola HS camera provides real response in each pixel without interpolation. Sensor has been tested with wide variety of platforms, and is especially suitable for agriculture, forestry and water research.

There is a paper with detailed technical specifications.

Sample data sets of Hyperspectral camera