NDVI Cameras

CIR map of argiculture | UAS survey
CIR image of crop
Vegetation index of crop | UAS survey
NDVI map for precision agriculture
Sony a6000 NDVI | CIR camera for UAV
Sony a6000 CIR
Nikon D810 NDVI | CIR camera
Nikon D810 CIR

MosaicMill converts standard SLR cameras to capture Colour Infra Red (CIR) images for vegetation analysis and for generating NDVI maps. Converted cameras are reconfigured and calibrated to optimize image quality.

There is a number of camera alternatives, for example a version with two narrow bands (NIR+Red) or another one with three wide bands (NIR+Red+Green). The two-band version is recommended for NDVI mapping while the three-band one is for general CIR mapping.

Optionally, the same camera can be configured for various wavelenght combinations and for original RGB bands.

Images can be postprocessed with standard GIS software or with MosaicMill Agri tools to have pure NIR, RED and GREEN bands. Currently we offer e.g. these converted models: Information for delivery times and pricing is available through the page "Buy".
NDVI camera overview is available here: NDVI cameras overview. Please contact MosaicMill for futher details.

MosaicMill provides also "Agri tools" for creating reflectance images and to calculate true NDVI. Please check pages "Reflectance targets" and "EnsoMOSAIC Agri".

Sample data sets of CIR cameras

spectral curve of broad band camera
Spectral response of modified broad band camera
spectral curve of narrow band camera
Spectral response of modified narrow band camera