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UAS LiDAR mapping is the fastest and the most flexible way to capture highly accurate and detailed point cloud data. LiDAR technology is at its best when there’s need to penetrate tree canopy, map complex structures such as power lines, or acquire data for detailed modeling from larger areas when under dead line pressure.

Camflight FX8 heavy lifter UAS with a Phoenix LiDAR is production ready, fully integrated turn key solution for UAV LiDAR mapping.

The accuracy of the results vary depending of the scannerchoice, mapping methodology and software option used. At its best, centimeter level accuracy can be achieved even without known control points. Accuracy is studied in the following document: LiDAR accuracy study, Sjokulla Finland 2016

Have a look at the latest reference: University of Helsinki acquired Camflight FX8 integrated LiDAR system

Sample data of Camflight FX8 - Phoenix LiDAR: