EnsoMOSAIC Cropdrone - integrated hyperspectral UAS for agriculture

hyperspactral camera in UAV | ensomosaic | HSC-2
HSC-2 HS camera can be integrated with quadcopter or oktocopter
Radio controller of Cropdrone UAS
Flexible Jeti radio controller is used in UAV system
HSC-2 hyperspectral 2d camera for UAV
HSC-2 HS camera, 50 bands without interpolation
vegetation index for plantation, UAV survey
Narrow band vegetation index, oil palm plantation in Borneo, HSC-2 HS

EnsoMOSAIC Cropdrone is high-end UAV system developed especially for agriculture hyperspectral mapping, Quadcopter Geodrone X4L is manufactured by Videodrone and 100 % integration with HSC-2 hyperspectral camera and EnsoMOSAIC Fusion photogrammetric tools guarantee high accuracy and seamless processing chain.

Key features of Geodrone X4L:
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