UAS LiDAR mapping system - software

camflight fx8
Mission planning and flight control for Camflight

Virtual Cockpit from Lockheed Martin is an advanced ground control software for Camflight robots. It gives you full control and is easy to use. Selected highlights:
  • Highly intuitive 3D graphical user interface (GUI) and easy-to-use click/drag 3D waypoints and 3D streaming maps from disk or online.
  • The flight plans can be updated or altered on-the-fly.
  • A mission can be halted and re-started when ever needed.
  • Agent and flight path trail are rendered in full-context 3D.
  • intuitive multi-function display and vehicle health monitoring
Phoenix software for LiDAR
Phoenix LiDAR systems software suite

Phoenix LiDAR Systems software suite provides four modules:
  • Rover program runs on an embedded computer in the mobile mapping system. It initializes, controls and monitors all sensors, logging all incoming data to a shock-resistant solid-state hard-drive.
  • SpatialExplorer can render a real-time, three-dimensional representation of the point cloud during flight. It’s also used for data filtering for post processing.
  • SpatialFuser is used for fusing all sensor data into trajectory and point cloud (LAS) files
  • SpatialLightHouse provides multiple options reliable transport of GNSS corrections for the rover and logs GNSS data.
More informatioon is available in: Phoenix LiDAR software suite
automatic lidar point cloud processing
General LiDAR data processing

Terrasolid develops software for processing airborne and mobile LiDAR data and images. In context of UAV LiDAR mapping, it can be used for:
  • LiDAR system calibration
  • Flight line matching
  • Data classification and editing
  • Point cloud coloring with images data
  • Ortho photo generation
More informatioon is available in: Overview of Terra tools