MosaicMill aerial survey system - overview

Cessna 182 for aerial survey
Cessna with belly hole.
Robinson helicopter with camera pod
Robinson with camera pod.
cessna with camera pod
Cessna with camera pod, certified.
pilot operating aerial survey
Pilot only operation.

MosaicMill has over two decades experience on using and installing aerial imagery system and we are co-operating with South African Rob Wooding associates. Camera control system has proven to be reliable remote sensing package to collect aerial imagery quickly and accurately. The system integrates aircraft position with planned flight lines and triggers camera or cameras by location or time.

Complete system contains everything (except the aircraft) for operational aerial imaging.

The flight hardware can be hand-carried and installed in ten minutes. No heavy mount is needed; instead the cameras are installed into wing pod which is certified (STC) for Cessna 172, 182 and 206 by the FAA and Transport Canada.

The survey system is available as complete packages for different aerial mapping objectives, here examples with recommended cameras:

    Single cam 1
    Single cam 2
    Twin cam RGB/RGB
    Twin cam RGB/CIR
Positioning method Single frequency (2-3m) Dual frequency (sub-meter) Dual frequency (sub-meter) Dual frequency (sub-meter)
Cameras Nikon D850 RGB Nikon D850 RGB 2x Nikon D850 Nikon D850 RGB + D850 CIR
Optics Zeiss Interlock f1.4 25mm Zeiss Interlock f1.4 25mm 2x Zeiss Interlock f2.0 50mm 2x Zeiss Interlock f1.4 25mm
Application fields Natural resource mapping Cadastral survey High resolution photogrammetry Vegetation mapping