MosaicMill aerial survey system - components

flight planning software
Flight planning with Google Earth
camera pod
Camera pod attached to the wing strut
aircraft pod for two cameras
Camera pod can take two sensors, here without the cover
GNSS  | IMU | camera control
Flight control consists of cabin and pod units

Flight planning

Flight line generation software for PC calculates start, end, lead in and lead out coordinates using polygons or lines from Google Earth. The lines and routing are exported to the pilot guidance unit.

Pilot guidance

Pilot tools import flight lines from planning and supports pilot in controlling the aircraft on flight lines. Also ATC and airspace restrictions are displayed.

Camera pod

Camera pod holds one or two cameras and an optional thermal sensor. The cameras can look vertically down or oblique sideways, forward or backward. Camera pod can be delivered also separately, presented in: Camera Pod for medium size cameras


One to three cameras can be installed into the camera pod, e.g. these ones:

Flight control: Wireless cabin and pod units

Cabin unit runs on Android device and has blutooth communication with the pod unit. It triggers the camera(s) by time, speed or distance, and receives confirmation of image acquired. Flight log and image position data are stored.

Trigger hardware is located in the pod central compartment, with rechargeable internal battery and trigger connection(s) to the camera(s). Trigger status is transmitted to the cabin via bluetooth.

The aerial survey system components and options are described in the list of survey system components.